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Dep(ART)ures and Arrivals

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Art adds texture to the airport environment and engages the imagination. That’s why 2014 was so important for our Airport Art Program in so many ways.

We were thrilled to unveil the new mural “SAN” on the exterior of the Commuter Terminal, a bold and eclectic portrayal of San Diego’s storied aviation history by the artist known as Werc.

There was the groundbreaking temporary exhibit “Converg(Ing)enuities,” which explored the intersection of art, science and technology in 12 installations throughout the airport.

In June, we proudly opened The Spirit of Silence, or Reflection Room, by artist Norie Sato. The Spirit of Silence is intended as a quiet place, set apart from the bustling airport experience, where travelers can spend time in contemplation, meditation or prayer.

We also ventured beyond the confines of SAN to present an art and culture symposium called Aesthetics & Authenticity at the new Central Library in downtown San Diego. The symposium addressed how intentional planning and implementation of art and culture on a civic scale positively impacts our quality of life and the way we experience the communities in which we live.